Mr hale is nearing forty, a tight skinned, eager-eyed interllectuall concieive the devil as a necessary part of a respectable view of cosmology

orwell describes life in Paris slums as dangerous ‘policemen would only come through the street two together’ which shows how many dangers there are if a policeman is by himself. ‘Chairs and occasionally revolvers’ this shows the war has been escalated by using fire arms occasionally to kills other human beings. Rackety place Orwell states […]

My interpretation is that in the yellow Palm is that there conflict is never ending and no one can stop the conflict in Palestine “too sacred to clean the blood off/pointless this quotation shows

The Yellow palm shows ideas about conflict as it talks about the war in palistien between the Muslims  “blood on the walls and the muezzins eyes were wild with his desire” this tells me that even the mosque has been affected which in Muslims eyes is the house of God which should not face any […]

How are love and/or hate presented in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and a range of poetry you have studied ? Robert Browning shows us there is a thin line between love and hate in the ‘Laboratory-Ancien Regime’. I will be exploring this theme and the relationship between three people, two women and one man, who are […]

Dear John Humphrys, I am writing a response to your article where you argue that texting is apparently “wrecking our language”. I think you are overreacting. You argue that texters are “vandals” and are doing to the English language what Genghis Khan did to his neighbours 800 years ago. You claim that texters are “pillaging […]

Ten Years On I’m sitting in the devastation that used to be London. Right here where I am sitting now used to be Stamford Street; where there is uncertainty if you’re going to survive, there used to be a Pret A Manger; where there are heads on spikes in the zone of execution, there used […]